Everything Depends on your Way of Thinking ~ Dadi Janki

September 29, 2007    

Let the good thoughts that you have become a practical part of your life. If you think that something is the right or a good thing to do , put it into practice. Don’t just understand it and think it but, do it. This brings power.

Don’t think too much. The method of your thinking should be so discerning that you think and then you know what to do, and you’ll also know immediately if something doesn’t need to be done. A determined thought means just that, not changing the mind.

Think about all things that you have, rather than thinking about what you don’t have. God, whatever you have given, you have given me limitless. Knowledge has made me honest, truthful and sensible and with the power of yoga we become strong and fearless.

Have such power of thought that every scene that passes by is left behind, you don’t follow it up in your mind.

Our thoughts create an atmosphere in our immediate surroundings as well as spreading vibrations into the far distance. Therefore elevated effort means make your thoughts pure, elevated and determined. Then wherever you set foot you create a beautiful atmosphere and those vibrations spread and spread.

The quality of your thoughts and the concentration of those thoughts in the atmosphere you create has much more impact than your words.

Share what you’ve taken from God with others through the atmosphere you create around you – everyone wants the atmosphere that God creates because it’s full of humility and full of truth. There is the feeling of humility because God is ‘akarta’ (beyond the consciousness of doing), ‘abhogta’ (beyond experiencing the fruit of karma) and ‘ashochta’ (beyond thinking). He does so much yet He never shows Himself to be doing anything. He just sits there peacefully, spreading love. We on the other hand say ‘I have to do this and I have to do this and this and this.’

Throw out the things you’re hanging on to. Meditation means to recognise your rubbish and get rid of it; meditation also means to collect what you need to take to the future. For this I need deep, not just surface introversion and realisation.

Be so stable in your thinking that you consider those who defame you to be your best friends. Having no unnecessary thoughts is connected with having equal vision for those who defame you and for those who praise you. If my vision does not remain equal then I cannot become ‘asochta’ and ‘abhogta.’ I have to make this effort before I can become incorporeal, viceless and egoless. The practical form of realisation is to achieve a stage like this.

If you think too much then small things become big. If you don’t think too much then a big thing becomes small. Use your thoughts to keep things in perspective.

If your intellect has the habit of thinking good thoughts then you will become an unshakeable pillar, a tower of peace, of knowledge, no matter what others say. This is the power of thought. It is this that creates faith. Then you yourself don’t have to move but the power that comes from faith makes you move. It carries you. It also brings about service in the task. Then my loving feelings are always maintained. And it is those loving and true feelings that please the Lord. I am working under His directions not doing that which simply pleases me. Those who do that which pleases their own heart or those who chase after pleasing others cannot become truthful.

Create a memorial of yourself in your life through the quality of your actions. Negative thoughts make you bankrupt, weak thoughts make you live your life just for the sake of it. Recognise the power of elevated thought. Take care of your head and take care of your heart.

Artwork by Danielle Winter