is a version of history that was virtually forgotten, even though it was common to all great civilizations of antiquity. It tells us of a time when humankind experienced the highest stage of civilization and how this was eventually lost. It also points to the possibility of a return to that state, after a period of worldwide upheaval and turbulence. This transition, foreseen long ago, is the times we are living in.


The Cycle ~ A Visionary Journey
The Power of Love
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The Cycle of Time
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We know that nature operates in cycles. It is not only our daily lives that are moved by cycles of light and darkness, by seasons moved by the rotation of the Earth or civilizations that rise and fall. On a larger scale, our story is eternal and recurring, as the soul travels through an ongoing cycle of births and rebirths. Life is an interplay between the Divine, human souls and the energies of matter.